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2400 Sunshine hours per year
22530 Hectares of striking landscapes
700 Years of fascinating history
51 km of breathtaking coastline


When it comes to visiting the Abel Tasman, planning your trip can be overwhelming with so many different options available.

To help you to get the most out of your visit, we’ve asked some locals to share their tips and tricks.

Anchorage Escape: Freedom!

Here’s a rewarding and adventurous way to experience some of the best of the Abel Tasman National Park – sea kayak from Marahau to Anchorage then return to Marahau by foot along the Abel Tasman Coastal track. My partner and I completed this trip on a sunny day in July, the middle of the New

Trail Runner’s Paradise

The Coastal Track is a trail runner’s idea of paradise. It is well formed, so you can move along reasonably swiftly, but is also undulating and varied enough to make it interesting. With water taxis available to take you to any of the 6 coastal access points in the Park you can run pretty much any section of the track you want, and then either run back to Marahau, or get picked up by a water taxi for your return.

Abel Tasman on a shoe string

I’ve got two young kids so am always looking for activities that don’t need to be funded through the sale of my non-vital organs. The cheapest way to access the Abel Tasman National Park is by foot. In fact, you won’t pay a bean to enter the Park providing you can find your way to Marahau at the start of the Coastal Track. From there, you simply walk into the Park for as far as you want to.

Jared’s 5 Quick Tips About Visiting the Abel Tasman National Park

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Jared grew up in the Abel Tasman National Park. His grandparents have always owned a private bach at Apple Tree in the southern part of the Park. When he was just a young fella he once stayed up in the Park for a full month with his family. It was one of these times when he decided what he wanted to do when he grew up: to be a water taxi skipper.
Dasha – Ukraine
Dasha – Ukraine “Abel Tasman is truly one of the most beautiful corners on Earth, it is definitely the “must-do” thing in New Zealand. The nature is stunning, food is amazing and people are great! There is plenty to do and experience here.… Read More
Nigel – Auckland, NZ
Nigel – Auckland, NZ “Nothing says New Zealand quite like the Abel Tasman. Our whole day was full of postcard moments - lying in the sun on the golden sand, swimming in crystal clear pools and walking along pristine New Zealand coastline. Amazing!” Read More
Jamie – Wellington, NZ “We will never forget our time in the Abel Tasman. Our boat driver was friendly and knowledgeable. He made the whole experience seamless and easy - dropping us off at one beach and picking us up at another after a… Read More
Steph – Wellington, NZ
Steph – Wellington, NZ “The Abel Tasman is paradise on earth. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than this. Take one of the smaller water taxis, it’s by far the best way to see and explore the best bits of the Abel Tasman.” Read More
Andrew – Holland
Andrew – Holland “This is the New Zealand we dream of now that we are based in Europe - a perfect Abel Tasman experience. Our whole day was full of postcard moments - lying in the sun on the golden sand, swimming in… Read More