Combining the great Kiwi outdoor experience with a beach holiday!

The Coastal Track’s popularity with New Zealanders and visitors from overseas is due to its unique combination of lush native forest, golden-sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

The most internationally acclaimed of New Zealand’s 9 Great Walks, the Abel Tasman Coastal Track can be safely enjoyed by people with no previous wilderness experience. It is also on the ‘must do list’ for seasoned outdoor enthusiasts.

With Department of Conservation huts and campsites dotted along the Track at regular intervals, and excellent access by water taxi, the Coastal Track is equally suited to multi-day hiking adventures as it is to day trips.

The Coastal Track is 60 km (37 mi) long, stretching from Marahau in the south to Wainui in the north. The track is well formed and is maintained to a high standard. The terrain is undulating but there is no point higher than 200 metres (650 feet) making it accessible to people of just about every fitness level. The Abel Tasman also has a great range of side-tracks and a more remote inland track for people looking for some more rugged terrain or a backcountry adventure.

Water taxis depart from Marahau at the southern entrance into the Park all year round. These small boats, built specifically for the Abel Tasman coastline, transport people quickly and efficiently directly into the heart of the Park to any of the six designated coastal access points. This allows people on day trips to walk some of the most scenic sections of the Coastal Track before being whisked back to Marahau on their return water taxi. Multi-day hikers will typically walk the Coastal Track in one direction and then water taxi back to their starting point, rather than retracing their steps on foot.
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The sea kayaking Mecca of New Zealand.

The Abel Tasman has been considered New Zealand’s premier sea kayaking location for 30 years. The Park's crystal clear waters, golden-sand beaches and endless array of coves and tidal inlets make it absolutely perfect for exploration by kayak.

The Abel Tasman Coastline is the perfect introduction to sea kayaking for first-time paddlers. To kayak in the Abel Tasman you don’t need to provide any of your own gear. The sea kayak operators based in Marahau at the southern entrance to the Park rent out kayaks along with all of the safety equipment required. Before every kayak trip an experienced instructor will provide a full safety briefing and will show you how to operate your kayak.

The Abel Tasman has beaches and bays that are sheltered from most sea currents and coastal winds, making it equally perfect for novice and seasoned paddlers.

Sea kayaking trips range in length from day trips to multi-day adventures. The campsites and huts in the Park are dotted along the coastline, many of which are only accessible from the water. One of the most soulful and invigorating outdoor experiences you could ever have is to paddle along the coastline for the day exploring native bush fringed beaches, offshore islands and tidal inlets. Then at the end of day, you pull your kayak up onto a beach, pitch a tent and watch the sunset!

There are two types of kayaking options in the Park. Guided trips allow you to tap into the local knowledge of an experienced local guide and expert kayak instructor. Freedom rentals provide the option to paddle into the Park under your own steam and according to your own schedule.
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Accessing the Park

The Abel Tasman is well serviced by commercial operators with a good variety of transport and activity options available.

Water taxis depart from both Marahau and Kaiteriteri all year-round which means visitors can access almost every section of the Coastal Track.

This accessibility provides visitors with the option to spend from half a day, to a full day or multiple days exploring the Park depending on the time they have available or their specific interests. There are options to do short, hour-long sections of the track, to walk the entire length of the Park or something in-between.

Another unique characteristic of the Park is the almost endless range of activities and options. All operators provide package trips that can include hiking, kayaking, boat cruises and accommodation within the Park. Best of all though, visitors can design their own adventure.

The Abel Tasman has four access points by road. Marahau at the southern end of the track is the most popular road-based access point. Marahau is also where most of the local water transport operators are based, has the best car parking facilities and is right at the beginning of the Coastal Track.

At the more remote northern end of the Park is the Wainui carpark and also the road access to Awaroa and Totaranui. Totaranui has a large 850-person capacity camping ground which is enormously popular during the Christmas and New Year peak season.

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