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There is an adventure to suit everybody in the Abel Tasman; from the risk-adverse to the adrenaline junkie.

Adventure Activities in the Abel Tasman | Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

The Abel Tasman has been the mecca of New Zealand sea kayaking for more than 30 years.

The coastline along the Abel Tasman the perfect place to kayak for first time paddlers and seasoned pros. Starting in Marahau at the southern end of the park, the Astrolabe Roadstead is sheltered on the ocean side by Adele and Fisherman Islands, providing calm waters during most conditions. This is the perfect place for first time paddlers to gain some experience with the islands and a string of beaches to explore along the coast as far as Watering Cove.

The waters around Pitt Head towards Anchorage are affectionately known as the “Mad Mile.” Without the islands to shield any incoming currents and winds, this can be the first part of the coast where more caution is required.

Further north, there is an endless array of beaches, tidal inlets, rivers, granite rock formations and small islands to explore. Moving almost soundlessly, you glide along the coast getting up close and personal with the natural world. Then you paddle into a bay after a day of paddling and camp at one of the tent sites right on the beach.

Hiking & Walking

Hiking in the Abel Tasman can range from a gentle stroll between bays to a full-on, backcountry, bush-bashing mission.

There is a vast array of short walks for day visitors, or even those with only half a day to experience the Abel Tasman.  Each section of the Coastal Track has its own charms and highlights, so it just depends on how much time you have and how far you want to walk.  Water taxis can drop you at one bay, then you walk to another bay where you can catch your return water taxi.

Walking the entire Abel Tasman Coast Track takes most people three days, at a reasonably gentle pace.

For keen hikers, an epic, all-points-covered trip is to start in Marahau and to walk the Inland Track through to Whariwharangi over three days before heading south, back along the Coastal Track.  The first section of this mission, from Marahau to Castle Rock Hut is largely uphill and is probably the most rugged section of track in the Park. The huts along the Inland Track are classic New Zealand backcountry huts.  The return hike along the Coast Track offers a fantastic contrast to the backcountry you’ve just covered along the Inland Track.

Adventure Activities in the Abel Tasman | Walking & Hiking
Adventure Activities in the Abel Tasman | Canyoning


Canyoning is a fantastic way to jump, slide, swim, scramble, abseil and zip-line your way down one of the Abel Tasman’s beautiful canyons.

On a canyoning trip you experience the sound of water cascading over rocks, the stillness of the trees, and your screams of fear and delight as you leap, zip, slide and splash your way down the canyon. It’s an adrenaline pumping jaunt through the heart of the Abel Tasman.

Torrent River is the most popular canyoning trip, simply because it has it all: Jumps, slides, zip lines, abseils, you name it…… Torrent’s got it. All of this action takes place in a gorgeous granite canyon filled with some of the purest water you can find, and it’s all wrapped in unspoiled subtropical rainforest. After catching a water taxi into the Park you take a short hike through stunning native bush to the start of the canyon with your guide for the day. Once you’re at the start of the canyon, the real excitement begins!


Skydive Abel Tasman is ranked as one of the Top 10 Best Dropzones in the World by

It’s the only location in the country where you can skydive over three national parks, see both the North and South Islands and experience oceans, golden beaches, rivers and mountains all in one 360 degree panoramic view.

Adventure Activities in the Abel Tasman | Skydiving
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