Locals Guide with Brendan

Brendan is a passionate advocate of both the Abel Tasman National Park and the Nelson Tasman region, the place where he has chosen to raise his three children with his wife Johnna. After spending much of his adulthood living in big cities like Sydney, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Brendan has reformed to the point where he can’t spend more than a couple of days in a city before the claustrophobia sets in. His idea of good time is a long trail run accompanied by his trusty sheepdog, Maggie. Brendan is also a keen musician, playing guitar and contributing vocals for local Art-Rock band, Holly’s Hat Trick.

Local Abel Tasman expert - Brendan Alborn - Experience the best Abel Tasman walking and hiking trips

I love the outdoors and I love beaches, so that makes the Abel Tasman my idea of paradise. I work and play in the Park and nothing makes me happier than camping at one of my favourite campsites with my family.

Q & A time with Brendan

What’s your job in the Abel Tasman?

I’m the Commercial Director for Alborn Enterprises. That means I’m responsible for the boring stuff (administration and compliance for example) and the exciting stuff (marketing, creating videos, dreaming up and trying out new trips…)

What is your favourite spot in the Abel Tasman?

The Astrolabe Roadstead. The beaches and camping spots all along that part of the coast are awesome and I really love Adele and Fisherman Islands. Who doesn’t love a tropical island?

What inspires you?

The great Kiwi outdoors! I just can’t get enough of it.

What is your ultimate go to jam to put you in a good mood?

Summer Babe by Pavement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDbGvS1d5CI

What are three things you just couldn’t live without?

My daily run.
My dog.
My guitar. My family.

Best movie of all time?

Wes Anderson’s best film; The Royal Tenenbaums.

What do you think about when you’re alone?

I plan missions into the backcountry!

Who is your hero?

Ian MacKaye from Fugazi and Dischord Records. Such an awesome musician but also the most eloquent, focused and inspiring human on the planet.

Favourite local spot outside of the Abel Tasman?

Golden Bay. There is just something magical about the place that I love. It’s so understated and relaxed, and filled with wonderful spots.

What makes you laugh the most?

Embarrassing my kids! There is nothing like telling the corniest Dad joke you’ve ever heard, in front of their friends, and then watching as they squirm in embarrassment on my behalf!

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