Itinerary Suggestions

A series of Itinerary Suggestions to Maximise Your Time in the Abel Tasman

HALF DAY     |      ONE DAY     |     TWO DAYS     |     THREE DAYS

Half Day Itinerary Suggestions

A short stroll in the Park

This is the perfect trip for anyone have a limited amount of time, or a family with small children who may be allergic to longer walks!

Catch a water taxi from Marahau to Anchorage, after a quick visit to Split Apple rock, and then a cruise along the coastline past some fantastic beaches. From Anchorage Beach, walk the Pitt Head Loop (about 1.5 hours) via the quintessential, golden-sand, crescent-shaped Te Pukatea Bay. Meet your return water taxi back at Anchorage.

Kayak the sheltered waters of the Astrolabe

If you only have a morning or an afternoon to spare, you can still do a half-day guided kayaking trip. Paddle the stretch of water in the southern part of the Park with your guide and then catch a water taxi back to Marahau.  Alternatively, start your trip with a water taxi trip to Observation Beach and then kayak with the afternoon sea breeze back to Marahau.

In either direction, you explore caves, islands and the beautiful beaches along the coast with a local expert at your side.

One Day Itinerary Suggestions

The ultimate full-day walk and guided kayaking combo

Water taxi to Torrent Bay in the morning.  Walk the beautiful coastal track through to Bark Bay, including across the Falls River Swingbridge.  The walk takes about 2 to 3 hours and offers elevated views down to beautiful spots like Boundary Bay.

After having lunch on the beach at Bark Bay, catch a water taxi south to Observation Beach. At Observation Beach join your guide to kayak the sheltered waters south to Marahau, visiting golden beaches, the wildlife on Adele Island sanctuary and all the other wonders of the southern Abel Tasman. Finish with a sail back to Marahau on the sea breeze.

Walk through the heart of the park, and meet some seals!

Take a water taxi from Marahau to Torrent Bay in the morning, checking out the legendary Split Apple Rock, and then cruising past a progression of beautiful small bays along the Astrolabe Roadstead.

Walk the scenic coastal track to Onetahuti (4hrs), including across the Falls River Swingbridge, to meet your return taxi at 3:30pm. Enjoy an encounter with some New Zealand fur seals on your return water taxi trip.

Two Day Itinerary Suggestions

Design your own ultimate 2 day kayak trip – spend the night in the park.

Day one: Paddle from Marahau northwards into the Abel Tasman exploring the incredible granite coastline, tidal inlets, offshore islands and the endless progression of golden-sand beaches. 

Day Two: After camping in the Park for the night, paddle back to Marahau with the sea breeze.

Aqua Taxi: Marahau to Anchorage
Aqua Taxi: Awaroa to Marahau.

Walk the heart of the Park

Day one: Water taxi to Anchorage and walk around the picturesque estuary towards Torrent Bay. Continue northwards to Bark Bay, crossing the Falls River Swingbridge on the way (3.5 to 4.5 hours). Camp in your tent or stay the night in the Bark Bay hut.

Day two: Continue walking north from Bark Bay to Awaroa (stop at the Onetahuti Beach on the way for lunch and a swim!) for a total walk time of about 3.5 hours.  Catch an afternoon water taxi from Awaroa back to Marahau.

Three Day Itinerary Suggestions

Three Day Itinerary in the Abel Tasman - Water Taxi and walk

Hike the Coastal Track in three days

Day one: Water taxi from Marahau to Totaranui.  Walk from Totaranui to Onetahuti, (about 4 hours) before camping at Onetahuti.

Day two: Walk from Onetahuti to Anchorage over 6 to 7.5 hours.  Camp at Anchorage. (Make sure you check out the glow worms in the cave at the northern end of the beach).

Day three: Walk from The Anchorage to Marahau (3 to 4 hours) stopping to relax at the many beaches you pass along the way.  Enjoy the views across to the islands in the Astrolabe.

AquaTaxi: One way Marahau to Totaranui

Marahau Sea Kayaks: Homeward Bound

Three Day Itinerary in the Abel Tasman - kayak and walk

Explore the entire Abel Tasman Coastline

Day one: Water taxi to Totaranui (or Awaroa depending on the tide) and walk to Onetahuti where you camp for the night.

Day two: Explore the Tonga Marine Reserve in your kayak with a local guide before paddling south to Anchorage. Camp in Anchorage for the night.

Day three: Explore the Astrolabe area on your unguided paddle back to Marahau in your kayak.

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