Bridge and Beach

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Water Taxi from Totaranui to Torrent bay then walk the scenic coastal track to Bark Bay.
Availability: All year round
Summer Departure(s): 11.00am
Winter Departure(s): 11.00am
Trip duration: Full Day
Ideal for: A day out for people staying in Totaranui
Activity level: Moderate
Cruise info: Totaranui to Torrent Bay: 45 min. Bark Bay to Totaranui: 45 min.
Walk info: Torrent Bay to Bark Bay

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Bridge and Beach

Experience a popular section of the Coastal Track including the walk across the Falls River Swingbridge. Catch a water taxi from Totaranui in the north of the Park to Torrent Bay then walk the scenic coastal track to Bark Bay before catching your water taxi back to Totaranui.

What’s included in this tour?

Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Water taxi fares


  • Water taxi from Totaranui to Torrent Bay
  • Walk from Torrent Bay to Bark Bay
  • Water taxi from Bark Bay to Totaranui

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